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Photography Exhibitions :

1:Reza Abbasi museum, Tehran.

2:Maison de l'Iran, Paris.

3:Tehran Contemporary Art Museum .

4:Niavaran Cultural center ,Tehran

5:Tehran University  

6:Cite' International des Arts, Paris

6:Isfehan in bird view ,Nicol Gallery 2006

7:new twons of iran,modern gallery of esfehan 2007

Many of his works are held in private collections ,Tehran Contemporary Art Museum , Maison de l'Iran , Cite' International des Arts , Paris and headquarter for the 100th birth Anniversary of Imam Khomeini (s.a)


Aga Khan Award for Architecture
Henry moor
Frantisek Vizner
Naqshe jahan pars
School of Business Management
School of Business Management
Elahe Gallery
Nesf-e Jahan
Fin water
Noushafarin Atefi

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 model's Photo

model's photo


Bird view Of Esfehan

bird view photo of iran

FineGarden Kashan the Iran that I love

fine garden in kashan photo by Dr.Omidvar

The Iran that I love

photoes of iran by Dr.Omidvar


The Paris that I love Photo Omidvar1976

photos of paris by dr omidvar


many panorama photoes by Dr.Omidvar


Frantisek Vizner Glass Sculpture

 Frantisek Vizne Glass Sculptur photo Ata OMIDVAR

Henry Moore Sculpture

Henry moor sclupture photo by Dr.ata ollah Omidvar

Islamic art of Louvre Museum

islamic art of ciramic

Pablo Picasso Museum

Pablo Picasso museum phtography by ata omidvar

A new Discoverd Ancient Iranian Civilizations Jiroft,Kerman,Iran

A new Discoverd Ancient Iranian Civilizations Jiroft,Kerman,Iran