Dr. Atollah Omidvar Engineer, Urbanist, Photographer, Director, Painter, Musician, Artist

He is active in many fields of art. His works have been exhibited in Iran and out of the country. From 2000, he has publicly exhibited his digital paintings. All of his exhibitions have the headline “Prelude to 3000” and “What I have seen” with a deep attitude about art and culture, Iranian images have been created that includes branches: Duplication, Rhythm, Asymmetry, Equipoise, Symmetry, the harmony scale that is the necessity of visual art dating back several thousand years is seen that is the wrong role for the climax of this picture. His works are beautiful, happy and full of life. The color and composition in his works are complete. His works, while seeming simply easy, are impossible. In each of his works a secret and hidden thought is revealed and every viewer finds a new perspective. Framed works are available in all sizes. Changes can easily be done to color and form. His works can be made instantly accessible to the globe even on large digital screens while moving and listening to music. His works are virtual by choosing the color on your computer and moving the mouse on your screen i
t enables his exquisite works, never seen anywhere else, to be viewed.
Imam Khomeini:

knew the best pictures of himself to be made by him

Professor Farman Farmayan:

The great works of Omidvar until now have not been seen. And expressed that he wished he would have consulted with him in the past regarding his own works.http://www.omidvar.net/traditional-music/

Professor Mohsen Hashtroodi:

While agreeing with Omidvar’s perspective and his art being new in today’s world, he also says under the blue sky there is nothing new.

Master & Parviz Mavid Ahad:

Architect, Urbanist, Designer of Imam Khomeini Prayer place, he was the arbitrator of the biggest exhibitions he knows Omidvar’s works to be Iranian while also being a compilation of other Iranian arts. He believes that only Omidvar’s mind creates in this manner, surprised that his works have yet to be seen worldwide.

Doctor Parviz Moyahd:

architect, artist, and great human being, the Santa of our time. I have faith in your artistic talents! More than Ever! Because I have heard your praises from a fellow artist. Doctor Omidvar. To your continued happiness and success.

Dr. Kamran Diba:

The president and architect of the modern Tehran museum knew Omidvar’s works to be current and within the city’s scale.

Kayvan Khosrovani Engineer:

Knows the works of Omidvar to be unbelievable

Dr. Ayoobi The president for the cultural relations of Iran in France:

writes all the time I have been serving this culture, I have yet to see something so beautiful and Iranian.

Dr. Fereshtian Rohani:

Knows him to be the Great Muezzin in a foreign country

Master & Doctor Mohammad Amin Mirfandereski:

He explains that this art teacher Omidvar and his works of design, from their duplication and compilations many patterns can be created for use on materials like cushions, carpets, etc.

Master & Doctor Parviz Tanavoli, Sculptor:

Believes his work to be global and is amazed by the quantity of his production.

Master & Doctor Darab Diba:

Knows his work to be modern and up to date in Iran and the world.

Doctor Kamran Diba:

The president and designer of the contemporary Tehran museum recognizes Omidvar’s works as new and on par for exhibition within the city.

Master & Architect Eshragh:

Founding member of the Association of Iranian architects says I have been active for more than half a century in the cultural arts of Iran and elsewhere, and I haven’t seen anyone as productive and serious as Omidvar. It’s as if he spends all his time working and this is a blessing from God that has been bestowed upon him. He knows his works to be modern Iranian and believes they should be seen all over the world.

Dr. Abdul Majid Majidi, Scholar and Iran’s Secretary of Organization

Dr. Omidvar is a patriot and his research is expansive (Subjects about the Persian Gulf and Nuclear Energy)

Professor Siavash Saba Art Professor in American Universities:

knows that Omidvar’s works has a wonderful relationship with Iranian music and says he is music itself.

Master & Doctor Mansoor Falamaki:

Master Engineer and Urbanist knows Omidvar’s works to be exquisite, splendid, and holy that is a result of a lifetime’s honest work. He says Omidvar is happy an instant with his work and then the next moment unsatisfied. He is a seeker and constantly in the state of revelation. His works are far ahead of his time. And it is supported by the culture and art that we hold dear and sincere.

Master Houshang Amir Ardalan:

Painter, Engineer, Musician swears that everything that he said about Omidvar is not false for he has always been ahead of his time and it will take years for our society of art to understand Omidvar. He describes his voice, especially Muezzin sound (Nader Dorani says his Muezzin sound reminds him of the tune of Safaye Balal Sadiq and the resonance of his song gives credit to the safekeeping of ancient Iran’s thousand year tradition. Until someone hasn’t heard he doesn’t know that this humble person heard, recognized, said and wrote concisely that he whose voice has the scent of love and whose love has the aroma of loneliness, his loneliness has the color of the desert and his desert has the thrill of liberation.) And says that the Persian creation should be made by Omidvar. It has been a time that Omidvar has sung Muezzin’s in different Iranian systems, that in previous years have reached the eager ears of listeners, through Muezzin competitions on radio Quran. He visited Bam after the earthquake, went to Argh on top of the ruins sang the Muezzin. (Which was an idea for a film by Seif’ola Samadian from Bam called the 10th Day that was shown in the largest cinema in London.)

Mohammad Tammadon

for granting his beautiful artworks in the years to come an urbanist who for the ruins of his city calls people to prayer, is a Father who cries for his deceased.

Master Ali Akbar Mohsen Ghaffari

While approving Atta Omidvar’s Muezzin he wants him to do more of this calling to prayer

Master Ahmad Abadi

The unquestionable sitar master upon hearing Omidvar’s voice said it has been decades that a person hasn’t sung like this not even Bana’an. He is of the same generation as my father and uncle, Mirza Abdullah and Mirza Hussein Goli, respectively.

Master Abbas Kiarostami

Director who declared he has not seen such an influential movie until now. Recognizes Omidvar’s paintings to be modern and thinks that those who don’t are like the one who didn’t accept printing.

Doctor Hadi Hazavahai Art Reviewer:

Omidvar continually makes short movies in the name of what I have seen. He is both the director, actor and cameraman, usually the music his music is produced by Shahram Golparian, musician and painter.

Doctor Iraj Ehtesam:

Says that Omidvar alone is 50 Omidvars in all the arts that he is active in with the knowledge he has in Iranian art and culture his quality is Iranian indicating the multiplicity in Unity and Unity in the diversity of his works can be seen.

Architect Fereydoun Kasraie

Master Engineer & Interior Designer knows Master Omidvar’s works to be undoubtedly modern and never before seen.

Architect Hossein Amanat

The architect, who designed Azadi Square, said people like Atta are needed in the world if not it will be a disaster. (1/1351)

Master Doctor Houshang Kavoosi

Cinema Master and Art Rreviewer has seen his movies and aerial photos calls him the LaMorris of Iran.

Doctor Akbar Alami

Headmaster of Arts and Theatre in University says it is close to 40 years I know Atta Omidvar, other than being an engineer and urbanizer, he is also a musician with capabilities of traditional Iranians and he is also a painter, photographer, innovator in film has reached unprecedented heights and to its true sense is a mystic whose honest words are one with his actions.