An Artist Traveling Beyond Time

11 september
Digital painting of “Do not forget 11 september” By Dr.Omidvar

There are times that words cannot express what you see or brief a history

There are worlds beyond our imaginations and there are men and women beyond mortal human beings.

In this mortal and mysterious world opportunity knocks on every door but once; thus you should be very lucky if you meet people who work round the clock and are larger than life and their mentality is miles ahead of our contemporary world.

Dr. Ataollah Omidvar, an architect, photographer, film maker, art appraiser, carpet & textile designer, specialist in audio-visual design and effects, and web designer is the one.

Teenager Magazine mirrored some unique viewpoints of this renowned artist whose reputation goes beyond Iran’s borders in an interview concerning different fields of art.

“Art is the only means of establishing close ties between man and his God, man and himself, man and the nature and among the people.

Nothing is better than having the permanent companionship of a master for a learner or an explorer. Art should be based on each country’s own cultural values.

It is not limited in innovation, more it is considered as the highest level of professionalism which creation of art works come after that.( ? ) Most of art works originate from religions

This is evident in Jame Mosque of Isfahan or even in Persepolis.

Artistic elements including rhythm, balance, harmony, repetition, symmetry, and echelle exist In Iranian art.

In term of music I should say that Iranian music is like sea waves which you forget everything by hearing it.

Following hard works I truly found the real idea behind Iran’s traditional music and art. I create my visual and musical works Based on that factor,” he stated in elaboration the world of art.

Mentioning five men who had great effects on his life, he added: “Imam Khomeini was

the one whom I had the opportunity to be at his presence and learned a lot ; I also took his photo while he was in Paris.

The person I liked to imitate his manners and deeds was late my father.

Professor Hashtroodi the famous mathematician, late Saeed Mirza Hormozi master of tar and sitar players and late Soleiman Khan Amir Ghasemi, master of vocalists were well-known figures that made great change in my life.”

“Since 2000, I have started painting, but not on canvass, wood, stone, tile or things like that, but in computer which provided me the opportunity to create works which are unlimited in color, size, and shape following visitors’ demands.

In this regard I held my first digital painting exhibition under the title of “An Overture to the Third Millennium” in Seyhoun Art Gallery. Following the invitation of Pierre Castagnou, mayor of 14 district and Daniele Pourtaud, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of Higher Education, and former senator of this city, I held an exhibition of my works on 20th of September which was greatly welcomed by artists, art enthusiasts and some authorities as Pourtaud highly admired me and asked me to inform her of my future plans for having further exhibitions in Paris,” he explained regarding his painting activities.

Answering to the question that how we can go back to real art that rooted in our cultural values, he said: “we should go back to what we had, our true cultural values. Our exaggerations in different fields are much more than what is needed. Of course this fact has origin in our history. We should copy from good works of the past. The poems of great poets like Hafez should be read in mass media more to make new generation familiar with what we had in different fields of arts. In the opening ceremony of “Novin Eghtesad Bank” (Bank of Modern Economy) I was invited to sing a song based on Hafez poems. Two of my paintings also were ordered for being displayed in an exhibition of famous Iranian painters. This event has great effect in introducing Iran’s art.”

Dr. Omidvar is also a film maker and has made two short films recently in his painting exhibitions in Paris. These films have no prepared scenario or dialogue. He is the producer, actor and cinematographer of his own films.

According to Dr. Omidvar some of his works are as follows:

Construction of Bandar Abbas residential complex, 1974

Design of IRIB conference hall in Tehran, 1992

Overall design and interior planning for the site of the UAE embassy in Tehran, 1993

Design of entry and reception hall for Apadana residential complex in Tehran, 1994  

Iran’s Trade & commercial center in Ishq Abad, Turkmenistan, 1995

V.I.P design to the shrine of Imam Khomeini, 1999

He has great voice and performed traditional songs and different azans (call to prayer) in Iranian musical divisions up to now.

So many outstanding and notable individuals throughout the world admired his unique works and called him as one of the best artists of today’s world.