Meta Art

The pictures in these pages are a selection of Ataollah Omidvar’s latest works, with an explanation from his own pen.

The first painting of human beings were drawn on the walls of caves and the visit to theses necessitated long journeys, palaces and ornamental utensil replaced the walls of caves until when the surfaces and transportable canvasses were made available to artists, although the best of these works are mostly hung on the walls of museums and art galleries. In recent decades along with the latest development of science and technology, particularly the computer science it is evident  that the canvass which was the original tool of the artist, slowly exited from the field and the new works no more posses substances and     volume and can, with a speed, like imagination and thinking be made available to every one. So nowadays the human being can communicate with his fellow beings and perhaps other creatures in a distant cave with the help of small equipment.

I, also tried to create new works, of course not on canvass and paper, although at nay time that I wish, can give them substance size, color and changeable shapes like pictures (images) of clouds exposed to the wind in the sky and place them at the disposal of the applicant in the form of painting according to their request.

These works can be seen though out the world at the twinkling of an eye and the addressees in turn, can view them in different shapes and sizes of their own choices. With the help of computer software’s, they can be exhibited on wild electronic screens and with the help of moving and (space) can be made visible with the participation of the viewers. In my opinion, these works more or less look like  an aquarium full of beautiful colored  fish which move very quietly and give a relaxing effect and they even can be used in doctors waiting room.

The subject matter of these works, possibility of their varied and speedy presentation are compatible with the new era the third millennium.

And another point: I do not know how what ever has appeared has acquired evident similarities   with the artistic works of my country, which I love. Finding of carpet, gleam gabbeh, textiles and tiles designs in these are not that difficult.

I offer my gratitude to God, who gave the strength to offer my thanks to the boundless blessings.